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Greg Kholer Personal TrainerMany people begin their journey into fitness as a way to achieve a goal. For instance, toning down for a special occasion or bulking up to become a stronger version of yourself are common goals that embark us on a path of physical fitness. My approach is to coach and mentor you along your journey beyond the few hours a week we spend together in the gym. Fitness to me is a lifestyle, beyond what happens in the weight room or on the treadmill. Fitness is about how one feels outside of the gym. I aim to give the individuals I work with the ability to answer fundamental questions: Can I move properly and efficiently? How does this activity benefit me in the future? Am I able to do something now that I was not able to accomplish before? No matter what your reason for starting, it is my goal to help you continue your journey—making fitness feel less like a hobby and more like a lifestyle. Your body is yours, it is who and what you are, it is your temple, and you only get one.

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