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This Spin Bike Workout Blasts Your Legs And Annihilates Bodyfat

This Spin Bike Workout Blasts Your Legs and Annihilates Bodyfat

Spin bikes are awesome. Granted, for many people they are look like a deathtrap of pain and suffering. But a good spin bike workout is one of the best there is. Hands down. Because science.

The Science of High Intensity Interval Training

A 2001 East Tennessee State University study examined two groups of people. One group performed a steady-pace cardiovascular exercise routine while the other group performed high-intensity interval exercise. The two groups were closely monitored during an eight week program. At the end, researchers examined the participants for physiological differences. What they found was fairly conclusive.

The study group who performed high intensity interval exercise averaged a two percent drop in overall body fat compared to ZERO in the steady-pace group.

Spin Bikes are win-win.

If high intensity interval training is the optimal form of physical exertion, then spinning is the epitome of exercise efficiency. A spin bike accomplishes two major feats: it is both a aerobic and anaerobic workout. More simply, it’s cardio and strength training wrapped up in one exercise.

The Spin Bike Mountain Climb Challenge

This workout is designed to accomplish two tasks: to leverage the benefits of high intensity interval training and the benefits of endurance training. The routine itself is 30 minutes long. So turn on your John Oliver and get spinning!

Step 1: Adjust your spin bike.

The first and most important thing you need to do is to adjust the spin bike correctly. If the seat is too high in relation to the handle bars, you may hurt your back. If the seat is too low, it may hurt your knees. Ask a trainer for the right positioning.

Step 2: Feel out the gears.

For this workout, you will need two gears. The first is your “recovery gear”, which is the gear you will use between intervals. It should be the same resistance as the gear you might use for a medium-resistance cardio workout. The second is your “climbing” gear. This gear must give you enough resistance to come out of the saddle and spin at 70-90 RPM.

Step 3: Set your timer. 

This workout requires strict time keeping. Use your phone or watch to keep track of your intervals.

The breakouts (minute by minute):

Minutes 0-5: warm up at “recovery gear” level, 100+ RPM. 

Minute 5: First hill climb, maintain 70-90 RPM at climbing gear for one minute.

Minutes 6 and 7: Recover, 100+ RPM.

Minute 8: Second hill climb.

Minutes 9 and 10: second recovery.

Minute 11: Third hill climb.

Minutes 12 and 13: Third recovery.

Minute 14: Fourth hill climb.

Minutes 15 and 16: Fourth recovery.

Minute 17: Fifth hill climb.

Minutes 18 and 19: Fifth recovery.

Minute 20: Sixth hill climb.

Minutes 21 and 22: Sixth recovery.

Minute 23: Seventh hill climb.

Minutes 24 and 25: Seventh recovery.

Minute 26: Eight Hill climb.

Minutes 27 and 28: Eight Recovery.

Minutes 29 and 30: FINAL hill climb. 

Minutes 31-35: cool down.

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