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What Should A Personal Trainer Cost?

What should a personal trainer cost?

It’s an age old question: how much should a personal trainer cost? How do I know if I’m getting a good rate? The answer depends on many factors. Some trainers charge the standard rates their home gyms charge. Others charge their own rate based on their demand and availability. Many highly successful personal trainers charge far more than industry standard rates and justify their prices based on past successes and how much demand there is for their services. Ultimately, you will want to find a trainer who fits what you are looking for and is priced at a rate you can afford.

Standard gym prices for personal training

Most gyms have a standard pricing model for their personal trainers. This is especially true for gyms who hire personal trainers as employees. However, gyms who hire personal trainers as private contractors also generally set standard pricing. Gyms typically also manage payment information through the gym’s system.

Gyms will vary in their pricing. In Bend, OR the average rate is between $60 and $90 per hour. Elsewhere, such as in larger metro areas, rates can reach $150 per hour. What is important to discover is whether a prospective trainer’s rates are their own or the gym’s. This could be an indication of the trainer’s experience and popularity. Personal trainers who set their own rates tend to be more experienced. They also tend to be more expensive.

Variations in personal trainer cost

Each personal trainer will have a slightly different philosophy on how to price themselves. Personal trainer cost will also depend on a trainer’s style. For example, some trainers prefer to conduct full 60 minute sessions and will charge by the hour. Others may abide by more high intensity training principles and only conduct 30 minute sessions and charge by the session. It is important to keep this in mind when shopping around and assessing personal trainer cost.

Keep an eye out for specials

Personal trainers are ultimately small business owners. As such, they often have promotions to attract new clients. Keep an eye out for these promotions and ask a trainer you are considering if they have any intro packages. Finding an intro package can greatly help with personal trainer cost up front.

Monthly Subscription Model

Monthly subscriptions are all the rage in every industry from software to grocery delivery (like Amazon Pantry). It’s no surprise, therefore, that personal trainers are also offering monthly subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions can be a great way to keep personal trainer cost down, but of course there are exceptions. A subscription style service will charge a flat monthly fee for a certain number of sessions for that month. Monthly subscriptions can be a great motivator to not miss sessions.

You get what you pay for

Personal training is not cheap. All trainers are not created equal, either. When shopping for a trainer, ask about how they justify their cost. The best trainers (and often the most expensive) will have no trouble defining what makes them special and why they price themselves the way that they do. Ultimately, it’s about chemistry. If you can’t stand your trainer, you’re not going to have a good time no matter what they cost. If the trainer you get along with the best is a little more expensive, it’s worth the extra to help you achieve your goals.

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