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5 Traits Of A Great Personal Trainer

5 Traits of a Great Personal Trainer

Fitness is an incredibly personal affair. We all have different aims and goals, and we all will need some help to achieve them. For many, signing up for a personal trainer is a great idea. Personal trainers help teach how to effect certain movements, motivate their clients, and set their clients on a path to a healthier lifestyle. Except, not all personal trainers are created equal.

Personal training certifications are easy to obtain. Most programs require few to no prerequisites to obtain certification. This means there are a tremendous number of people on the personal training circuit who in very real terms have no idea what they are doing. A bad personal trainer can spell disaster. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of traits to look for in a personal trainer. Look for these five things when you are making your decision.

They have an educational background.

Not all rock star personal trainers have formal educational backgrounds. For example, the famed C.T. Fletcher, who started as a personal trainer and rose to stardom via Youtube, has no higher education certifications. But a lack of formal education is a strong indication that something may be amiss. Personal trainers with formal backgrounds in education tend to be more knowledgeable and better equipped to handle a variety of clients. They also tend to have a better grasp on subjects like nutrition.

They don’t need a personal trainer themselves. 

This one may seem obvious, but it’s not unusual for some personal trainers to be out of shape. Not every top class personal trainer has a six pack of abs, but generally speaking people who are passionate about fitness tend to keep themselves in decent shape (at least).

They’re not pushy.

Personal trainers are small business owners. This is important to understand because the onus of success falls squarely on their shoulders. Most trainers receive little to no support from their home gym, and often they must compete with the other trainers at the gym for business. But an overly pushy trainer is a warning sign that something is amiss. While selling training plans is important, a top class trainer knows that it’s all about helping clients achieve a healthier, fitter version of themselves.

They have positive energy.

While “positive energy” is difficult to nail down as a concept, we all intrinsically feel it when we are around someone who emits it. A personal trainer’s main job isn’t to educate but to motivate. They have to be able to bring you back week after week. A trainer with low or negative energy cannot achieve this, no matter how “nice” they might be.

They’re not afraid to refer you to someone else.

The best personal trainers know their strengths and weaknesses. Trainers specialized in power lifting, for example, may not be well suited to doing yoga. That’s why it’s important to ask a prospective personal trainer what their specialty is and to ask if that specialty is well suited to your personal needs and goals. A good personal trainer will know if they are not a good fit for you, and will willingly refer you to someone else if there isn’t a fit. They will also know if you are a good fit, and be able to provide examples of people similar to you who they have helped in the past.

Shopping for a personal trainer?

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