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5 Best Restaurants For Fitness-Minded People In Bend

5 Best Restaurants for Fitness-Minded People in Bend

5 best restaurants for fitness-minded people in Bend

Many people assume that dieting down means having to abstain from eating at local restaurants. If that were true, it would be a huge bummer for people living in Bend. Although we are a small community, we have a tremendous variety of outstanding restaurants. Many local restaurants, if not most, offer healthy dishes for those of us who are fitness-conscientious. Some even tout their dishes as fitness-friendly. Here are five of the best restaurants for fitness-minded people in Bend for your to try, along with a few of the best dishes to order.

Aloha Cafe

Located in the Forum Plaza across the street from Barnes and Noble, this little Hawaiian restaurant has been around for almost a decade. Their dishes, which consist mostly of meats and rice, are not only delicious, but great for those of us watching what we eat. The trick, however, is to avoid most of their sides. Potato mac, noodles, among the others are generally what pack the most fat and calories. However, if you order most of their dishes with just white rice as a side, you will still enjoy a delicious treat that is packed with protein. Aloha cafe is a near-perfect place to eat after a hard workout.

Parilla Grill

A popular retreat for the younger crowds in Bend, Parilla Grill has recently expanded by adding an east side location next to Emerald City Smoothies on Highway 20. Parilla Grill is known first and foremost for its fish tacos which, it turns out, are pretty good for fitness-minded people. Fish is a high quality protein that also packs healthful omega-3 fatty acids. Ordering these delicious tacos, and choosing the correct condiments (veggies, light sauce), is a treat to be had that does not violate your nutritional goals.

Emerald City Smoothies

Most people will not consider this to be a true restaurant, but their smoothies certainly qualify as a meal. Emerald City smoothies in Bend is owned and operated by a super fit couple who had fitness on their minds when they opened shop. On their list of smoothies you will find a huge variety of options that not only taste good, but also contribute well to a fitness diet and lifestyle.


Located on the west side along Newport Avenue, Kebaba is a restaurant with a middle eastern flare that is delicious and healthy. Their meat skewers are low calorie and packed with protein, and their side dishes, such as hummus and tabouli salad, all fall within what is allowed on a fitness diet. If you’re looking for a great place to eat while staying within the bounds of your diet plan, Kebaba is a great place to try.

Laughing Planet

A restaurant that brings the Portland flare to Bend, this small shop on third street in the heart of Bend boasts of its healthful menu. From locally sourced kombucha to their delicious varieties of soups and salads, Laughing Planet in Bend has something to offer for every taste. Although they tend to market themselves as vegan friendly, they also have plenty of meat dishes. If you’re in a pinch and need a quick place to eat, try out this restaurant to satisfy your taste buds and stay on track.

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