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3 Benefits Of Group Classes

3 Benefits of Group Classes

Maintaining motivation in fitness is a constant struggle, even for the most seasoned athletes. It requires consistent planning, self-control, and continual self-evaluation. Sometimes, going it alone is simply not enough. Most people will need extra Help. That’s where group classes can come in handy. Group classes help motivate, inspire, and even build a community around fitness that helps people keep their motivation high. Here are the three major benefits to group classes:

1. Group classes are more engaging than solo workouts.

Group classes involve multiple people working together toward a common goal. These group classes are generally run by energetic people. The atmosphere in a group class exudes more energy than the gym floor. All of these things come together to create an ambiance that is more likely to keep people motivated and keep them coming back. Group classes also tend to have music, human interaction, and a fast pace to keep your heart rate moving. And whatsmore, classes come in all varieties. Spinning classes are a tremendous calorie burn. Zumba is fun! And among all the bootcamp, yoga, pilates, and high-activity classes out there you are sure to find something you enjoy.

2. They build peer-to-peer accountability.

A personal trainer holding you accountable helps. But what really works is peer pressure. Think back to all the silly things you did in your youth because of peer pressure. Well, the same is largely true for adults. Except, adults tend to peer pressure each other into doing healthy things. A regularly scheduled, well attended group class can help keep people accountable because everyone in the class gets to know each other a little, and they will tend to keep each other accountable. Group classes are a great environment to build relationships with others, to find an accountabilibuddy (someone to hold you accountable) and to stay on track.

3. They’re cheaper than a personal trainer. 

Group classes cost far less than one on one training. That’s because with classes everyone pays in, which drives down the cost. While one on one training is a great way to get individual attention and help with exercise and nutrition, group classes do help develop better fitness, and for much less. A class will never replace a personal trainer, but if you’re on a budget, classes are a great way to go.

For all the reasons above, we encourage you to find classes that you enjoy. Check out our classes page to see what’s available.

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