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Bend Personal Trainers


Personal Training and Fitness Classes in Bend, OR

1310 SE Reed Market Rd #130

Bend, OR 97702

Take advantage of the newest personal training team in Bend, OR. Located in the heart of the city along Reed Market Rd., Bend Personal Trainers has access to an 11,000 square foot facility with brand new equipment and tons of open space. Give us a call at 458-206-3375 to claim your FREE consultation. Let’s get started!

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Personal trainers in Bend, OR

A few of the fitness programs in which we specialize.

Weight Loss Programs

Our personal trainers are prepared to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Nutrition Programs

Our trainers prepare nutrition programs and support to help you with your goals.

High School Athlete Programs

We work with high school athletes to improve performance and athleticism. 

Senior Fitness Programs

Our Personal trainers specialize in mobility and fitness training for seniors.

Why Choose Bend Personal Trainers

Personal Training in Bend, OR

Bend Personal Trainers is dedicated to promoting health and fitness in our local community. We are partnered with Snap Fitness – Reed Market and have access to their 11,000 square foot facility. Our goal is to help the good people of Bend, Oregon to create the fittest, healthiest versions of themselves as possible. The Personal Trainers on our team are experts in their field. We draw from their experience to offer a variety of training programs – including weight loss programs, high school athletics programs, among other fitness programs – as well as classes to help you reach your goals. Our personal training team is diverse. They are prepared to take on clients with a wide variety of goals. From students interested in improving athletic performance for a specific sport to people who simply need to lose weight and improve their mobility, our trainers can help! 

Focused On Fitness, Nutrition, and Healthy Lifestyles

Turn to the local pros right here in Bend, OR for the latest information on fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles. Our team are experienced experts in fitness, nutrition, and health, and are certified by a variety of accredited programs. They are also locals. Our blog serves the dual purpose of promoting health and fitness as well as serve as a local guide for fitness-minded individuals. We also featured commonly asked questions such as, “How much does a personal trainer cost?“. Of course, we encourage everyone to get approval from their doctor prior to beginning an exercise program. None of the routines or nutrition advice on this site are prescriptive, but merely informational. To make the best choices for your goals, we encourage you to speak with one of our personal trainers.

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